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We are a Los Angeles based company that loves pets and has great products for yours.

Our goal--to have every pet be treated like a true family member.  We try to supply the products that will help make this possible. We welcome your comments and ideas as we strive to satisfy all pets and their people.

Dr Jeff Werber embodies our vision to promote, strengthen and nurture the bond between us and our devoted animal companions. Together with veterinary board-certified dermatologists and nutritionists, he has developed the formulas we offer to promote and maximize your pet's overall health and wellbeing, overcome behavior issues and help you integrate your pet into every phase of your life.

Dr. Jeff is well known nationally for his educational efforts, TV and radio appearances, Emmy Award winning pet health reporting and celebrity clientele. You may have seen him as host of Animal Planet's "Petcetera"  or of PetCare TV.  Or maybe you caught him him on "Oprah",  "Urban Myth", or various local TV shows. He has acted as spokesperson for Bayer Advantage/Canine Advantix, and for his most famous and beloved star client, Lassie!

Dr. Werber is the Chief of Staff at Century Veterinary Group in Los Angeles, California, an American Animal Hospital Association certified practice, and recipient of Veterinary Economics Merit Design Award.

To learn more about Dr. Werber, visit www.drjeff.com


For more information about products and programs, contact info@jeffwerberproducts.com

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