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We want your pet in your house, on your lap, in your bed.  A pet that is healthy, looks good, and smells great will be more likely to completely share and enrich your life.

Medicated Shampoo 12 oz.
Dr. Jeff's Medicated Shampoo has brought relief to scores of grateful pets. It works wonders on irritated skin conditions, itchy flaky skin and sebhorrea. It is enriched with soothing botanical extracts including Crocus Sativus Flower Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Avocado Oil. Leaves your pet feeling and smelling great.

Sales Price: $12.99
Qty: 1  
Brightening Shampoo

This great smelling shampoo brightens white coats and enhances natural highlights in coats
of all colors. 12 oz.

Sales Price: $12.99
Qty: 1     
Shed Free Spray 8 oz.

This specially formulated spray restores the natural balance between the growth and rest cycles of your pet's hair, reducing continuous non seasonal hair loss. Works great alone or with Shed Free Shampoo. Smells great and has moisturizing properties to help condition the skin and coat.

Sales Price: $12.99
Qty: 1     
Shed Free Shampoo

This vitamin enriched conditioning shampoo is designed to reduce excessive shedding in dogs
and cats. Shed Free Shampoo reduces shedding as well as allergy producing dander,
and has a beneficial efftect on the general condition of your pet's coat. Shed Free Shampoo supports Shed Free Spray in reducing continuous non-seasonal hair loss. 12. oz

Sales Price: $12.99
Qty: 1     
Performance:: Gentle Ear Cleaner 8 oz.
We get rave reviews for Dr. Jeff's Performance Gentle Ear Cleaner. Maybe because it makes it so easy to maintain clean and healthy ears and leaves no residue. Maintaining clean ears is an integral part of home pet care. It will help your pet eliminate head shaking and ear scratching caused by dirt, wax and debris in the ear canal.

Sales Price: $10.99
Qty: 1     
Performance:: Skin & Coat Emollient 8 oz.
Dr. Jeff's favorite product, this is popular with dogs, cats, and people everywhere. Its soothing emollient properties, including natural oats, chamomile and St. Johns Wort, improve skin condition and leave the coat lustrous and shiny. Great fragrance. Perfect for daily use between baths.

Sales Price: $10.99
Qty: 1     

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