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You and Your Dog Could Meet
Lassie and Her Trainer!

This year marks the 50th anniversary (that's 350 dog years) of America’s favorite collie, and TV Land is wagging our tail with a day-long marathon of Lassie episodes and Lassie’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Sweepstakes. One top dog Grand Prize winner will win a trip to Los Angeles – with their dog! – to eat lunch with Lassie and receive a personal training session with Lassie’s Trainer and a visit from Lassie’s celebrity Pet Vet, Dr. Jeff Werber. 100 doggone lucky First Prize winners will receive a Lassie 50th Anniversary Collection DVD. Tune in to watch and come back here to enter on Sunday, April 24!




This amazing exhibit by photographer Gregory Colbert studies exotic

animals interacting with humans. i can't wait to see it when the "Nomadic

Museum" hits Los Angeles. Check it out at:



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