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Together with veterinary board-certified dermatologists and nutritionists, Dr. Jeff Werber has developed formulas to promote and maximize your pet's overall health and wellbeing, overcome behavior issues, and help you integrate your pet into every phase of your life.

The dog and cat products (products for puppies and kittens too!) you can purchase from our online store include:

  • skin & coat emollient spray
  • ear cleaner
  • numerous specialty shampoos
  • shampoo conditioners
  • shed control spray
  • nutritional supplements
  • first aid spray
  • first aid pads
  • dental wipes
  • tear stain remover pads
  • stop bite training spray
  • aller-free spray
  • see the complete list and description of Dr. Jeff Werber Pet Products

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    Featured Favorites and Specials:

    Performance:: Gentle Dog and Cat Ear Cleaner
    We get rave reviews for Dr. Jeff's Performance Gentle Ear Cleaner. Maybe because it makes it so easy to maintain clean and healthy ears and leaves no residue. Maintaining clean ears is an integral part of home pet care. It will help your pet eliminate head shaking and ear scratching caused by dirt, wax and debris in the ear canal.
    Dog and Cat Gentle Ear Cleaner - View more info

    Sales Price: $10.99
    Qty: 1     
    Performance:: Dog and Cat Skin & Coat Emollient
    Dr. Jeff's favorite product, this is popular with dogs, cats, and people everywhere. Its soothing emollient properties, including natural oats, chamomile and St. Johns Wort, improve skin condition and leave the coat lustrous and shiny. Great fragrance. Perfect for daily use between baths.
    Dog and Cat Skin & Coat Emollient - View more info

    Sales Price: $10.99
    Qty: 1     
    Performance:: 2 in 1 Dog and Cat Shampoo Conditioner
    Our best selling and premier double action shampoo moisturizes with natural oats and chamomile, while cleansing your pet's coat. Rinses out easily. Enriched with vitamins A,B, C, & E. Smells so great you'll want to use it yourself!
    2 in 1 Dog and Cat Shampoo Conditioner - View more info

    Sales Price: $10.99
    Qty: 1     

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